A solution for the pharmaceutical drug store management with an advanced way to overlook your stocks, revenue, sales, product and much more in real time working process.


A user using Medoc Service can get its store management report on the mobile-ready application to monitor the sales and the reports on every single activity.


AYTIS Medoc Pharmacy Management system is an application designed to ease the work of a pharmacy. It was developed to revolutionize how stores are managed and to integrate aspects of pharmaceutical operations.

Medoc helps in the quick retrieval and easy management of data. It tracks records and simplifies the stocking process, from initial ordering through notification when products are reaching their expiration.

The system automates otherwise tedious processes related to sales, purchasing, and billing. Keeping records in one place streamlines employee workflow and enables more customers to be assisted.

Furthermore, it assures the complete security of data, so that employees and customers alike feel safeguarded.


New Trends in Doing Business.

The early days of using a cash register and pen and notebook for accounting and processing transactions are no longer an effective means of keeping up with today’s advancements in business technology.

In order to stay competitive businesses, have to adapt and change with emerging technologies.

  • Real-Time Report Monitoring 98%
  • Real-Time Stock Inventory 99%
  • Real-Time Sale Report 100%
  • Real-Time Product Management. 95%
  • Real-Time Customer Management 96%

Stock & Sales Statement.

Real-Time Sales Report.

Stock Inventory with Expiring Products

Sales Return & Purchase Report

Aytis Medoc Highlights:

Medoc software enables the power of managing the pharma business information at your fingertips which will make you act fast. It is customizable to suit the needs of any pharmacy. It has a wide range of capabilities and modules, making it the complete package for all types of pharmaceutical stores. The software creates reports to assist in pharmacy management, helping to create a clear picture of current status, past growth, and future trajectory.

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