AYTIS is the recognized startup under Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Govt. of India.


We established itself with the areas covering digital media marketing, SaaS Cloud delivery based web application, website designing and development, mobile application development and IT Security products.


India is in developing stage, with having ease of doing business in the country, the people here have a great opportunity to make their skills in creating revenue from the large open market. Technology is available at greatly extend automation with investing right investment as per the requirement.


Our country people are in need to make there skill global and to implement they need right help with robust technologies to get benefited and more involved in making there best at productivity & we aim to provide the sustainable benefits of business technologies for small industries as well as the large setups.


We believe that the fundamentals of any business link are effective communication. Only through proper communication, we can properly review the individual needs of our clients.

What We Do?

We based on the belief to enhance the productivity of your services directly reachable by the consumers with the secure Internet platform that will help you to lead the market.

We are able to deliver you that interface for the business or the organization which will cut the involvement of manual interaction in the workflow stream of your business and that eliminates the manual error or the dependency which you might be having in managing your sector with a reliable synchronization of technology and innovation.

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Term & Condition Applied.

1 Free Domain 

5 GB Monthly Bandwidth

2 GB Web Storage

05 Business Email Accounts

Google Map API Integration

Enquiry Form Alert via Email

Social Media API 

06 Responsive Pages 



Term & Condition Applied.

1 Free Domain

10 GB Monthly Bandwidht

05 GB Web Storage

10 Business Email Accounts

SSL encryption

Content Mangement Software

SEO Optimised Homepage

10 Responsive Pages



Terms & Condition Applied.

10 Product Cattegories

1500 Product Display

Online & COD Payment Mode 

Custom Copouns Management

Auto Email & Text Msg Alerts 

Content Mangement Software

Pin-Code Delivery Mangement

Website & Android HybridApp



Term & Condition Applied.

Admission Management

Student Details Management

Fees & Account Management

CBSE Updated Result Pattern

Teachers Detail Management

Inventory & Stock Management

Auto Text Msg & Email Alerts

Dedicated Staff Panels.


Research & Analysis


Planning Strategy


Execution & Coding


Testing & QA

Why We Are ?

“It’s a park, where we are able to create a separate space for the playground you playing.

The role and responsibility is to fulfil the workflow and the maintenance of the businesses that are running or getting start to run in a race, and with us we will help to introduce you that deserving pathway which will take you at the front position where the world is waiting to be adopted by your services, and off-course a new brand introduction too.

That what WE work for –

Inferring The sum of IDEAS with (Implementation + Innovation) x Technology.

 = The only product will be PROFIT.

We see the  companies or the organization from practically every industry are getting to use the World Wide Web platform for channeling their services and making themselves be seen and experienced from anywhere around the Earth, weather it is a Responsive Robust Web Design, Database Management, ERP, E-Commerce, CMS, CRM or even beyond, the requirement to associate with the Internet.

This meant to happen a convenient platform to making your presence reachable, and needed a face of your firm.

Progressive Cloud enabled web platform are what we work to deliver, with all kinds of innovative concepts, interactive elements and interesting UI design, that put the picture in the frame.

In country of having 1.33 billion populations where 462 million is using Internet on daily basis. We can say this number is also increasing as the population of India and a day will come when it will be equal as the number of people living in this paradise.

We know that Indians are the first in observing the technology, then we adopt the technology in our day to day life as it needs to implement.

The advancement of technology evokes a range of emotions in people from all works of life. Some view technology as a great evil that slowly diminishes our humanity, while people like us view it as a way to bring the world closer together and to help in solving some of our greatest challenges.

We see technology as the advancement in our human raise to be more capable to understand the logics behind everything.

  • IT Consulting 80%
  • Marketing Campaigns 45%
  • Custom Website Deployment 95%
  • Internet Security 90%
  • Cloud Web Development 96%
  • Mobile Appliation Development 80%

Our Services

Enterprises and the organisations from practically every industry are getting to use the world wide web platform for channelling their services and making themselves be seen and experienced from anywhere around the Earth. This meant to happen a convenient platform to make your presence felt and indeed the need of face of your firm. Progressive SaaS-based Web deployment is what we work to deliver you in the immediate real-time monitoring with all kinds of innovative concepts, interactive elements and interesting designs that put the picture in a frame.

Responsive Web Development

Web Application Development

Android App Development

IT Infrastructure Security

How We Proceed?

We like to start any project by thoroughly understanding the problem that is happening in our client mind and making it right to proceed.

We don’t set out knowing the solution – instead, we follow a logical course and end up somewhere unexpected. So we ask questions because we take all out that what really has to be in need and the irony is it’s coming from you.

We need to fully understand your business strategy because, if any brand strategy is to be successful, it must extend naturally from your objectives and the perspectives that needed to be for the implementation.

What kind of clients do you work with?
We deal in industries or companies working in the process of handling service/orders/storage/delivery or manufacturing. We believe the involvement of  Information Technology in doing business convert it into a healthily sustainable revenue model.
Our Track Map Route.

It’s not what we do that makes us different from the crowd, but it what that depends totally on our defined gates to pass the finale.

1st Step: Research & Analysis to achieve your objectives.

2nd Step: Conversion Path Analysis.

3rd Step: Design & UI Interface.

4th Step: Programming & Algorithm.

5th Step: QA & Testing.

What is our turn around time?

We understand the various ins & outs of what really is expected out of the well-constructed strategy to avail the targeted projection. Our team is capable of sorting any problems or creating the potential way in a very short time of period after our discussion with you.

Our Valuable Clients

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